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Welcome to Libertarian Australia's new Big Tent that is open to everyone where guests can ask questions, voice concerns, and engage in meaningful discussion about political philosophy and current events.

No registration is required.

Forum rules:
  1. Civil discourse & debate are encouraged
    • However, tone alone can be divisive, or not, independent of content. Separate from the issue of agreeing or disagreeing, is the issue of style. Both the “what” and the “how” have an impact in any instance of communication.
  2. Intellectual Honesty
    • A respect for intellectual honesty is vitally important. In essence, always being willing to check your premises. To acknowledge when your argument was mistaken. It is about conversing in good faith—not misrepresenting others positions.
  3. Strive to be fallacy free
    • Ad hominems, strawmen, circular reasoning, appeals to authority, red herrings, special pleading, shifting the burden of proof, moving the goal posts, begging the question, arguments from ignorance etc. have no place in exceptional conversations.