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πŸ“š Show us your books...


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Or alternatively, what are you currently reading?

Just got done moving and needed a snapshot of the book case to help recreate.


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Struggling to find the time at present for reading. I just finished Raico's Classical Liberalism and the Austrian School - Brilliant. Grinding my way through de Jouvenel's On Power.
I only just joined up here and thought this would be an appropriate first post. This are my hard copy books. My Audible.com list includes these and a lot more.

Welcome! And yes, very solid intro. :D

One point β€” an additional must read for anyone who has read a Theory of Money and Credit imo:

Hulsmann's Theory of Money and Fiduciary Media - https://mises.org/library/theory-money-and-fiduciary-media

In particular the very first chapter is a must.


For those short on time: